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WTA conducts and publishes original research to help teleport operators improve their operations, reduce their costs and grow their businesses. Topics range from markets and business issues to technology and operational best practices. All reports and papers are available free to members of WTA, and are also available for purchase by non-members. (WTA Members should sign in to receive discount or sign in to this page for direct downloads)

Current Reports:
High Performance: Insights that Improve Quality of Service

The WTA Teleport Certification program relies on a group of auditors to conduct onsite inspections of teleports undergoing certification. They work from the results of the detailed questionnaire that teleport operators complete in the provisional certification stage. The inspection aims to confirm the data in the questionnaire but also to evaluate the facility and operating procedures in their context.

As one auditor put it, “operational excellence varies by market: where customers can’t afford redundancy platforms, for example, teleports quite rightly won’t install them. Customers in higher-value markets, on the other hand, rightly expect full redundancy.”

For this report, we interviewed three of WTA’s most experienced auditors about what they have learned from conducting multiple teleport audits. They shared insights into the biggest threats to quality of service, how management practice affects QOS outcomes and the sometimes-unexpected factors that underpin high performance or lead to its opposite.

Finding Growth in Media Services

Since HBO, Turner and PBS put their program distribution on satellite in the 1970s, the media and entertainment business has been a major satellite customer for both distribution and contribution. Until now. On-demand streaming of video and audio content got its start in 2005. Today, it is growing at an explosive rate.

This change has had massive impact on media and entertainment companies, and on the transmission vendors that serve them. Ground-based service providers have consolidated, video fill rates for satellites have plummeted and pricing has followed. Yet there are still growth opportunities in the market for companies that have been forward-looking and agile enough to stay one step ahead of market demand. In this report, WTA invites their executives, and the vendors they work with, to describe the challenges they face, the opportunities they have seized, and how their companies have changed to meet the needs of the next generation of media and entertainment.

New Paths to Teleport Profitability

In stable markets with established processes, skillful managers can find plenty of opportunity to develop new efficiencies and trim costs. Times of drastic change, however, can be tough times to maintain profitability.

In this report, WTA talks with technologists and operators to uncover the service, technology and market changes that present the most challenge to profitability today as well as those that open new paths to higher margin business. We explore how they are managing the many unknowns, the lessons they have learned from it, and their view of the industry’s future.

Budgeting for Cybersecurity

An executive with a major cybersecurity firm recently conducted an experiment via Twitter. She sent a tweet to industry decision-makers for her service and asked them the following question: “Cybersecurity budgets come in many sizes. How does your company determine yours?” Among the answers that surprised her were: “Pick a number and subtract that number from itself. That’s your budget.”

High Performance: Safety & Security

Safety and security are two sides of the same coin in the management of the complex technology and operations of a teleport. Good safety processes protect the health and welfare of employees operating amid the potential dangers of high voltage, microwaves and combustibles. In addition to being the right thing to do, it reduces disruption and avoidable expenses for the business.

More Reports

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