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Inside the Broadband Pit at the NAB Show 2011
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April 11, 2011 - SU10502
Program and Speakers

The Destination Broadband exhibit area at the NAB Show focuses on broadband-enabled TVs, online video, mobile broadband networks, platforms, set-top boxes, gaming, IP, streaming, advertising, monetization and the mavericks driving today’s media. Experience online video and see the latest interactive television applications, broadband networks, online video platforms, encoding technologies, mobile video management platforms, streaming video technologies, online advertising platforms, content delivery networks, mobile video distribution, mobile networks, IPTV and more.

Complementing the exhibition area, the Broadband PIT presents informative interviews and interactive panels offering concise, powerful insights on delivering and monetizing broadband content, and how traditional distribution is evolving in response to the broadband revolution. SSPI and WTA will present a full day of sessions on Monday, April 11.

The Pit provides a raised stage for speakers and panels, seating for 50 members of the audience, and an open-plan design that allows passersby to sample its content and gain easy access to seating. Executives of SSPI and WTA will act as masters of ceremonies. The Pit provides standard AV including a sound system and microphones, projection screen, data/video projector, PC with a CD-R drive and USB port, data switcher and additional monitor ports for laptops. All Broadband Pit content is streamed live to the Web and available for 12 months on the Web sites of NAB, SSPI and WTA.

Click on the session titles below to watch the video

Program at a Glance

Bits & Bytes10:00-10:25

When TV Gets Personal
IP-based interaction on the television set promises an expanding range of on-demand, transactional and multi-screen experiences for viewers.  What does experience to date tell us about the future of these services? What are the technology and supply-chain innovations that make this brave new world work? Moderated by Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association

  • Jean-Pierre De Muyt, VP Sales Worldwide, Newtec
Panel10:30-11:25 Who Wins When Video Goes Mobile?
How will mobile video reach the viewer? In one camp are the mobile carriers and their technology partners, who see video as a natural extension of their network services. In the opposite camp are local broadcasters and their technology partners, who think that broadcast to the handheld device plays to their natural strengths. What are the differing visions that power these protagonists and who has the pole position in the race? Moderated by Elisabeth Tweedie, Founder & President, Definitive Direction
  • Duncan Potter, CMO, Edgeware
  • Matthew Goldman, Vice President of Technology, Solution Area TV, Ericsson
  • Sandhi Kozsuch, Director Mobile Broadcasting, Cox Media Group
B&B11:30-11:55If My TV is So Smart, How Come There’s Nothing On?
The days when children could complain that there is "nothing on TV” are just about over. Smart TVs, sporting interconnection with IP-based consumer devices, are blowing up the boundaries of the walled garden and transforming the media consumption experience. What is possible now, what is coming down the pike – and how will content owners and content distributors adapt? Moderated by Michael Antonovich, Managing Director, Global Crossing Genesis Solutions, Global Crossing
  • O'Brian McKinley, Senior Director, Globecomm
  • Stephen Christian, VP of Marketing, Verimatrix
B&B12:00-12:25Views, Clicks & Ratings: Evolution of the Advertising Model in a Multi-Screen Media Business
The advertising model that has driven decades of television success is changing as audiences fragment, advertising moves online, online becomes part of the television experience and screens multiply. Counting the eyeballs remains as vital as ever but techniques and technologies. How and what are we measuring today, how do advertisers look at it all, and where is the value being captured?  Moderated by Gary Hatch, CEO, ATCi
  • Dan Piech, Senior Product Management Analyst, ComScore
  • Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution
Panel1:30-2:25Serving the Next Billion Media Consumers
With the mass audience of the past broken into ever-smaller fragments, where will the next billion media consumers come from? Not from the mature markets of the US and western Europe but from emerging markets outside the US as well as niche immigrant audiences in many countries. What are the media consumption patterns emerging there and how will traditional and broadband media take advantage of them? 
  • Tim Jackson, Vice President, Media Product Management, Intelsat
  • Che Pinkerton, CEO, Netromedia
  • Aslan Tricha, Vice President of Sales Engineering, SES WORLD SKIES
  • Dr. Beth Erez, Sr. Advisor, Marketing and Business Development, RRsat Global Communications
Panel2:30-3:25How Neutral the Net?
As broadband media company work to bring a broader range of content to computer-based and over-the-top viewers, they are running into conflicts with content owners, satellite TV operators and the cable MSOs that double as broadband ISPs. How does the changing media landscape look from the diverging points of view of broadband media, cable and satellite TV executives?  Moderated by Virgil Labrador, Editor-in-Chief, Satellite Markets & Research
  • Steve Corda, Vice President, Market Development, SES WORLD SKIES
  • Charlie Good, CTO & Co-founder, Wowza Media Systems
  • Vern Smith, Vice President of Business Development & General Manager of ViP-TV, Echostar
Panel3:30-4:25Media 2.0: One Show, Many Platforms
The emerging multi-screen, multi-dimensional world is challenging broadcasters, service providers and new content providers to keep up with change. Established production and distribution processes are being revamped, while distribution becomes increasingly complex. In a world of Media 2.0, how are in-house distribution departments, service providers and their broadband media partners coping with the new demands?
  • O'Brian McKinley, Senior Director, Globecomm
  • Joel Nirenberg, Vice President, Product Management, ScheduAll
  • Greg Philpott, Founder and President, mDialog
  • Jeffrey Casey, Vice President of Sales, GlobeCast America
  • Ashley Blackmon, Senior Director - CNN's Image + Sound -  Production Services, Turner Broadcasting System
B&B4:30-4:55Revenge of the Cord-Cutters?
When total pay TV subscriptions in the US shrank for the first time in 2010, it sparked controversy over cord-cutting – the feared decision by viewers to cancel paid TV and get their media from the Web. With cable broadband and devices from Apple and Netflix, downloading TV and film content is a matter of pushing a few buttons. Is cord-cutting happening? Will it happen? And how will the story play out for traditional television and the distribution network that serve it?   Moderated by Jimmy Schaeffler, President & CEO, The Carmel Group
  • Fearghal Kelly, VP Media Solutions, ioko
  • Steve Oetegenn, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Verimatrix
  • Cory Schaeffler, Business Analyst, Technicolor

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