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Destination Broadband Theater at the NAB Show 2010
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April 12-14, 2010
Program and Speakers

WTA and SSPI members are eligible for speaking opportunities at the Destination Broadband Theater. Bits & Bytes are 25-minute conversations involving 1-2 speakers led by a moderator. Panels involve 4-6 speakers and moderator in an hour-long discussion.

The Theater provides a raised stage for speakers and panelists, seating for 50 members of the audience, and an open-plan design that encourages passersby to sample its content and gain easy access to seating.

WTA and SSPI are also producing two panel sessions in the regular conference program of the NAB Show on the topics "How the Global Video Content Cloud Will Change Your Business” and "The Battle for the Next Billion Media Customers.”

For a fascinating look at the staying power of television as a mass medium, read The Economist May 2010 special report, "Changing the Channel."

Program at a Glance

B&B10:00-10:25Distribution Wars: Streaming Vs. Downloading
Panel10:30-11:25Critical Mass Changes Everything
B&B11:30-11:55TV vs. Web: Conflict or Convergence?
B&B12:00-12:25The Mobile Video Standards Wars
B&B10:00-10:25The Media Drive for Mass Personalization
Panel10:30-11:25Does Broadband Video Want to be Free?
B&B11:30-11:55Everywhere TV: Where Are We Now?
B&B12:00-12:25Media 2.0: One Show, Many Platforms
B&B10:00-10:25The Ratings Game: What's Behind Door Number Three?
B&B10:30-10:55How the Global Video Content Cloud Will Change Your Business
B&B11:00-11:25When TV Gets Social
B&B11:30-11:55Battle for the Next Billion Media Consumers
B&B12:00-12:25Will 3DHD Matter to the YouTube Generation?

Topics & Speakers

Bits & Bytes
Monday, 10:00-10:25
Distribution Wars: Streaming vs. Downloading
Consuming video over broadband was all about illegal downloading until streaming technologies got seriously into the game, with companies from Apple and Amazon to YouTube shifting the focus to pay-per-view models for movies and television, and TV executives battling over the the advertiser-supported soul of Hulu. This session explores what the fuss is all about and how the continuing struggle will shape the future of broadband video distribution. Moderater: Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI & WTA


  • Mio Babic, President & CEO, iStreamPlanet
  • Dennis Nugent, President, Total Streaming

Monday, 10:30-11:25
Critical Mass Changes Everything
The business model for broadband entertainment and information services is up for grabs. For viewers, the most acceptable price seems to be "free,” but advertising models are not delivering enough revenue to support the model. But this may well be just a matter of critical mass. When the majority of viewers receive their video entertainment and information over broadband fixed or mobile channels, how much of the debate goes away? Given the unique interactivity of broadband distribution, what new business opportunities and challenges will arise? This session sets the clock forward to a time when broadband is the preferred distribution system for all things video, and forecasts the impacts on the business models of new and traditional providers. Moderator: Rob Dowd, President, Crystal RFI Solutions, LLC


  • Jarred Kennedy, Vice President Client Services, Broadcast Facilities, Inc.
  • Lior Rival, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, RRsat Global Communications Network, Ltd.
  • Greg Philpott, President and Founder, mDialog
  • Bob Hildeman, CEO, Streambox

Bits & Bytes
Monday, 11:30-11:55
TV vs. Web: Conflict or Convergence?
The experts agree: video is the new text, when it comes to the Web. Online video is growing explosively, and forecasters say we ain’t seen nothing yet. A lot of that Web video content originates on TV, whether it is streamed from an authorized site like Hulu or downloaded for a clip or mashup. Does the migration of TV content online – and the increasing capability of the Web as a delivery vehicle – spell the doom of traditional television? Or is synergy evolving, in which Web viewing extends and enhances the broadcast debut? This session brings together TV and Web technologists and business people to explain what works and what doesn't in Web video today, how and when it will change, and what business models are developing in anticipation of both conflict and convergence. Moderator: Dick Tauber, Vice President, Transmission Systems and New Technology, CNN News Group


  • Kamy Merithew, VP, Product Strategy and Development, WEGENER
  • Pete Mastin, CDN Architect, Internap

Bits & Bytes
Monday, 12:00-12:25
The Mobile Video Standards Wars
Like most new technologies, mobile video continues to experience an explosion of competing standards, each with its own strengths, backed by different companies and nations. Who are the major combatants, what are they offering, and where does the battle for market acceptance currently stand? Expert panelists describe the major contenders in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and offer their insights on winners and losers. Moderator: Bruce Elbert, President, Application Technology Strategy


  • Greg Ellis, Vice President of Business Development, Ipera Technology
  • Andre Pagnac, President, MobiClip

Bits & Bytes
Tuesday, 10:00-10:25
The Media Drive for Mass Personalization
Television is moving away from the "one-size-fits-all" approach – with limited content and controlled distribution – toward a future of mass personalization where content and distribution will be abundant but, conversely, consumer attention will be at a premium. The 18-34s of the Internet generation increasingly rely on the Web for entertainment and multitask between TV and PC to watch what they want. This session explores how today’s mainline content providers are striving to adapt while continuing to exploit the strengths of the broadcast model. Moderator: Gary Hatch, CEO, ATCi


  • Greg Philpott, President and Founder, mDialog
  • Richard Buchanan, VP of Content Operations, Comcast Media Center

Tuesday, 10:30-11:25
Does Broadband Video Want to Be Free?
Fixed and mobile broadband providers continue to seek ways to make users pay directly for content. Particularly over 3G mobile, the drive is on for a "walled garden” approach that provides desirable content on a paid-only basis. Will these attempts succeed? When the enormous resources of the Web are available on every desktop, laptop, netbook and mobile phone – and yes, on traditional TVs – how many viewers will resist the temptation to go "over the top” to the content they want? This session challenges pay-for-use players to explain how their strategy can succeed. Moderator: Jimmy Schaeffler, President, The Carmel Group


  • Mike Tippits, Vice President, Hughes Solutions Group
  • Michael Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer, Limelight Networks
  • Ray Milius, Senior VP, Starz Encore
  • Gary Gannaway, Chairman & CEO, WorldNow

Bits & Bytes
Tuesday, 11:30-11:55
Everywhere TV: Where Are We Now?
The vision of television anywhere, anytime and on any device got a huge boost from the announced acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast. Should it pass regulatory scrutiny, the deal creates a major player able to provide "Everywhere TV” to its paying subscribers only, and presumably to use this competitive advantage to extend its cable empire. This session explores how this move, and the larger wave of change behind it, will transform the everyday television viewing experience. Moderator: Louis Zacharilla, Director of Development, WTA & SSPI


  • Vern Smith, Senior Vice President, Business Development, ViP-TV, EchoStar Corporation
  • Bob Hildeman, CEO, Streambox

Bits & Bytes
Tuesday, 12:00-12:25
Media 2.0: One Show, Many Platforms
Not long ago, distributing a TV program was simple. It went by satellite from the broadcast center direct to a viewer's home, or detoured to a local TV station or cable operator, where it was transmitted into homes. Today, the media consumer may view that program on standard-definition or high-definition TV, over the Web, through an interactive video-on-demand service, or on a mobile device. This session examines the powerful technologies that make it cost-effective to process media for distribution across multiple platforms at the same time, and the uneven journey toward deployment. Moderator: Susan Irwin, President, Irwin Communications


  • Glenn Reitmeier, VP, Technology, NBC Universal Television Networks and Media Works
  • Michael Strand, West Region General Manager for Dynamics, Microsoft

Bits & Bytes
Wednesday, 10:00-10:25
The TV Ratings Game: What’s Behind Door Number Three?
A funny thing happened on the way to the DVR’s total destruction of the advertiser-supported television business. Television ratings for shows are going up once DVR viewing is counted, and nearly half of viewers are watching the commercials in the shows they have recorded. With over 60% of broadband users watching video at work or at home, the same thing appears to be happening: a net increase in television viewing, which networks are now striving to monetize. This session explores the dynamics of ratings for advertiser-supported distribution in a brave new world where viewers get to choose what and how they watch. Moderator: Virgil Labrador, Editor-In-Chief, Satellite Markets and Research


  • Tania Yuki, Director, Video and Cross-Media Products, comScore - Presentation

Bits & Bytes
Wednesday, 10:30-10:55
How the Global Video Content Cloud Will Change Your Business
The history of video content distribution is about separate, tightly-controlled, high-quality circuits connecting point-to-point for contribution or point-to-multipoint for distribution. The future of video content distribution will increasingly be in the "cloud" – an Internet-modeled system in which content enters as data packets, finds its way to its destination, and reassembles itself. Pioneering providers of hardware, software and systems are already turning the global video content cloud into reality. In this session, technologists and users review the current generation of the dloud, debate its pros and cons, and offer forecasts for the future. Moderator: Louis Zacharilla, Director of Development, WTA & SSPI


  • Jean-Pierre De Muyt, VP Global Sales, Newtec
  • Mike Antonovich, President, Genesis Networks

Bits & Bytes
Wednesday, 11:00-11:25
When TV Gets Social
As video shifts to IP delivery to the fixed or mobile device, it will spawn entirely new approaches to programming that lean heavily on user-generated content and social networking. These will create challenges to established providers and opportunities to companies with innovative solutions. This session explores the content strategy and technology changes ahead as broadcast video becomes Web video. Moderator: Gary Hatch, CEO, ATCi


  • Ron Yekutiel, Chairman & CEO, Kaltura
  • Allison Dollar, President, Interactive TV Alliance

Bits & Bytes
Wednesday, 11:30-11:55
The Battle for the Next Billion Media Consumers
As digital television, IPTV and broadband have swept around the world, they are remaking the traditional business of media and entertainment. IPTV brings telcos into the television business with a mix of DSL and optical fibre. Cable and satellite TV companies market a triple play of video, voice and Internet. Broadband video providers want to end-run the whole lot but depend on their competitors for transport. This session reviews the most important new companies, deals and business changes in the American media scene, and forecasts the patterns that will shape its future. Moderator: Mike Antonovich, President, Genesis Networks


  • David Justin, President, GlobeCast America
  • David Price, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing Communications, Harmonic, Inc.

Bits & Bytes
Wednesday, 12:00-12:25
Will 3DHD Matter to the YouTube Generation?
The television industry's excitement over bringing 3D into the living room is not just a reaction to the success of Avatar. Determined not to be disintermediated by the Web, the industry is fighting for competitive advantages that mobile and broadband video cannot match. But will it matter? Will 3DHD programming bring back to the living room the generation that made YouTube a Web phenomenon, social networking a standard and mobile TV the next big thing? In this session, industry watchers share their views on the battle between the latest in television and the latest in broadband entertainment. Moderator: Dan Freyer, President, AdWavez Marketing


  • Michael Turpin, President, Social Radius
  • Richard Buchanan, VP of Content Operations, Comcast Media Center
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