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The Content Distribution Forum at the 2009 NAB Show
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Schedule of Panel Sessions and Presentations
Central Hall, Booth C7348

WTA and SSPI members are eligible for speaking opportunities on a series of Panels produced by the two associations. Each Panel will be lead by a volunteer moderator drawn from the membership of the two organizations. The Content Distribution Forum, located in the Central Hall at Booth C7248, provides a raised stage for speakers and panels, seating for 50 members of the audience, and an open-plan design that encourages passersby to sample its content and gain easy access to seating.

Watch the 2009 Panel Sessions Online

WTA provides live streaming from the Content Distribution Forum, courtesy of PSSI Global Services. The 2009 panel sessions will be available for 12 months following the 2009 NAB Show, courtesy of iStreamPlanet.


Monday, April 20

10:00-11:00 AM
IP Video

Media 2.0: One Show, Many Platforms
Not long ago, distributing a TV program was simple. It went by satellite from the broadcast center direct to a viewer's home, or detoured to a local TV station or cable operator, where it was transmitted into homes. Today, the media consumer may view that program on standard-definition or high-definition TV, over the Web, through an interactive video-on-demand service, or on a mobile device. This session examines the powerful technologies that make it cost-effective to process media for distribution across multiple platforms at the same time, and the uneven journey toward deployment. Moderated by Lisa Hobbs, Vice President Business Development, Satellite & Broadcast, TANDBERG Television

  • Brian Morris, Vice President, Global Business Development, Digital Media Networks, Cisco
  • Tom Parish, Vice President, Broadcast Technologies, Globecomm Systems Inc.
  • Alastair Hamilton, Partner, Distribution & Emerging Platforms, Digital Valence
  • Simon Thrush, Senior Vice President, Arqiva Satellite & Media
11:10 AM-12:10 PMTRACK

The Mobile Video Standards Wars
Like most new technologies, mobile video continues to experience an explosion of competing standards, each with its own strengths, backed by different companies and nations. Who are the major combatants, what are they offering, and where does the battle for market acceptance currently stand? Expert panelists describe the major contenders in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and offer their insights on winners and losers. Moderator: Bruce Elbert, President, Application Technology Strategy

  • Cliff Beek, President & Chief Executive Officer, Star Asia Technologies PTE, Ltd
  • Greg Ellis, Vice President, Business Development, Ipera Technology, Inc.
  • David Zufall, Senior Vice President Network Systems, ICO Global Communications

1:30-2:30 PM
Video Outside the Box

When Will the Web Kill TV?
Everyone knows it's coming. Everyone whose job depends on bringing television into your home understands that their days are numbered. But just how long will it be until the broadband Web kills traditional television distribution by terrestrial broadcast, satellite and cable? Already, millions of people turn to the Web for rebroadcast of TV programming, while low-resolution, user-generated video invades TV. News reporters submit stories from the field through the broadband jack in their hotel rooms. But what will it take in terms of contribution and distribution technologies in the Web's plumbing to make the Web a robust method for delivering video? This session brings together TV and Web technologists and business people to explain what works and what doesn't in Web video today, how and when it will change, and what business models are developing in anticipation of the day when the Web kills TV. Moderator: Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association

  • Jeremy DuJardin, Vice President, Engineering and Co-Founder, Genesis Networks
  • Jonathan Howard, Vice President, Business Development, Broadcast and Broadband, Ateme
  • Daniel Tibbets, Executive Vice President and Studio Chief, GoTV
  • Lance Ware, Senior Vice President of Technology for Technicolor Digital Content Delivery, Technicolor
2:40-3:40 PM
Into the Digital Home

The Battle for the Next Billion Media Consumers
As digital television, IPTV and broadband have swept around the world, they have begun remaking the traditional business of media and entertainment. IPTV brings telcos into the television business with a mix of DSL and optical fibre. Cable and satellite TV companies market a triple play of video, voice and Internet. Established companies struggle to hold on to their franchises, while upstarts introduce new business models and dealmakers circle, looking for opportunity. This session reviews the most important new companies, deals and business changes in the American media scene, and forecasts the patterns that will shape its future. Moderator: Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman, The Carmel Group

  • Peter Cresse, President, Entropy Inc.
  • Peter Ostapiuk, Regional Vice President, North American Video Solutions, Intelsat
  • TBA, Hughes
Tuesday, April 21

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10:00-11:00 AMTRACK

How the Global Video Content Cloud Will Transform Your Business
The history of video content distribution is about separate, tightly-controlled, high-quality circuits connecting point-to-point for contribution or point-to-multipoint for distribution. The future of video content distribution will increasingly be in the "Cloud" – an Internet-modeled system in which content enters as data packets, finds its way to its destination, and reassembles itself. Pioneering providers of hardware, software and systems are already turning the global video content cloud into reality. In this session, technologists and users review the current generation of the Cloud, debate its pros and cons, and offer forecasts for the future. Moderator: Dick Tauber, Vice President, Transmission Systems and New Technology, CNN News Group

  • Peter Elvidge, Manager of Development, GlobeCast
  • Keith Goldberg, Executive Director, Operations, Fox Television, Network Engineering & Operations
  • Bryan McGuirk, Senior Vice President, North American Media Services, SES Americom-New Skies
  • Kamy Merithew, Vice President of Marketing, WEGENER
  • Sylvain Riviere, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Ateme
  • Sean Sullivan, Media & Entertainment, Premier Accounts, Verizon, Inc.
11:10 AM-12:10 PM
Video Outside the Box

Digital News Gathering: Look Ma, No Satellite!
Satellite trucks are not about to become extinct, but a growing array of contribution systems using the public Internet are giving them a run for their money. In this panel, broadcasters, service providers and technologists compare systems from satphones and BGAN to Slingbox to identify the role they are playing today, and what we can expect from them tomorrow. Moderator: John Stoltz, Business Development, GMPCS

  • Frank August, Director, Business Development Americas, Inmarsat, Inc.
  • Bevan Gibson, Head of Future Technology - Sky News, BskyB
  • Fred Morris, Vice President, Comtech EF Data
  • Bruce Serena, Global Account Manager, iDirect Technologies
  • George Spohn, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Americas, Thrane & Thrane



1:30-2:30 PMTRACK
Inside the Digital Home

The Digital TV Transition: Now What?
The US television industry is now between two stools in the digital transition, with some networks cutting over to digital and some waiting until the new June deadline. In the bigger picture, however, swapping out transmitters will turn out to be the tip of the iceberg. With digital production facilities at one end and digital transmitters at the other, broadcast, cable and satellite TV providers face a big opportunity and big challenge: investing in streamlining, operating-cost reduction and process improvement by going all-digital end-to-end. What are the opportunities? What, in addition to funding, are the challenges? Panelists take audience members through the complex production and distribution pipeline to find the treasures and pitfalls. Moderator: Dom Stasi, Chief Technology Officer, TVN Entertainment

  • Steve Mace, Senior Director, Technology Systems, National Cable Television Association
  • Leslie Ellis, Technology Editor, Multichannel News, Editor, Translation Please
  • John McCoskey, Chief Technology Officer, PBS
2:40-3:40 PMTRACK
IP Video

Shaking up Television: From Web TV to User-Generated Content
Television has long been a one-way medium, in which producers produced and consumers consumed. Today, digital technologies from DVRs to the Web are turning the business on its head. This session explores how established programs are finding new distribution on the Web, and how new channels are building a Web audience before making the leap to television. It showcases how user-generated content is making its way from the computer to the living room screen, while computer hard disks (in the form of DVRs and media servers) are revolutionizing how people interact with their televisions. Moderator: Gary Hatch, Chief Executive Officer, ATCi

  • Roger Franklin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Crystal Computer Corporation
  • Gerry Kaufhold, Principal Analyst, Converging Markets and Technologies, In-Stat, a Division of Reed Business Information
  • Tony Nguyen, Vice President Engineering & Operations, Ascent Media Network Services
3:50-5:00 PM

Cisco Tutorial

What Keeps Content Owners Up at Night?
As the media landscape has evolved to multiple compression formats and resolutions, video distribution and contribution has become more complex and costly for content owners. Learn how Cisco video Distribution and IP Contribution solutions provide robust and scalable platforms to comply with today’s multiplatform delivery requirements.

  • Marek Skupien, Senior Market Manager, Service Provider Video Technology Group
  • Peter Chave, Product Manager, Service Provider Video Technology Group
  • Azita Kia, System Development Manager, Service Provider Video Technology Group
  • Jacob Jeevanayagam, Director of Marketing, Service Provider Video Technology Group


Wednesday, April 22

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10:00-11:00 AMTRACK
Video Outside the Box

Monetizing Digital Media
The way that viewers consume video-based media is being fundamentally transformed by digital technologies. And the business models – both revenue and costs – are racing to keep up. In this panel, TV industry veterans and IP technologists explore the technologies, costs and revenue potential of digital media, from how next-generation mobile media will be consumed to how contextual video advertising will transform the business. Throughout, they will focus on how incumbents and new entrants are working to monetize digital media and forge the industry of the future. Moderator: Joe Kittrell, Vice President Broadcast Marketing, PSSI Global Services

  • Mio Babic, President & Chief Executive Officer, iStream Planet
  • Alasdair Calder, Director of Product Management, Spacenet
  • Sam Farraj, AVP, Strategy & Product Development, Content Distribution, AT&T
  • Ryan Lawler, Senior Editor, Contentinople
  • Jon Rooney, Senior Product Manager - Silverlight Marketing, Microsoft


11:10 AM-12:10 PM
Inside the Digital Home

Winning the Living Room War: Satellite vs. Cable vs. Fiber
What's the number one most popular electronic gadget in the home? It's the DVR, which a 2008 survey found was even more popular than the mobile phone. That could be bad news for the cable and fiber providers whose big competitive advantage is high bandwidth into the home, and great news for satellite TV, which needs the DVR in order to provide a compelling VOD experience. Will it be enough to overcome bundled voice and Internet, especially as broadband via satellite finally emerges as a serious contender for the unconnected? In this session, experts describe how different providers are competing to create the stickiest service package, from DVR-equipped set-top boxes to 100 Mb streams over fiber-to-the-home, and the investment and profit implications of the ongoing war for the living room. Moderator: Mike Antonovich, President, The SPACECONNECTION

  • Daniel Daines, General Manager Vip-TV, EchoStar Corporation
  • Ron Samuel, Chief Operating Officer, Eutelsat America Inc
  • Steve Symonds, Co-founder & Executive Vice President, Raysat Broadcasting Corporation
  • Robert Zitter, Executive Vice President, Technology & Chief Technology Officer, Home Box Office Inc.
  • Javier Borlando, Verizon Inc.



1:30-2:30 PMTRACK
IP Video

In this Corner: the Data Centers vs. the Broadcast Center
IPTV was once considered an application. Increasingly, it is being seen as the future of television. As IP-based technologies continue to infiltrate broadcast video and audio distribution, it is also up-ending the traditional institution of the broadcast center. Media and entertainment companies are swapping out RF and satellite engineers for IP engineers and reconfiguring their central aggregation and distribution platforms to accept any form of incoming content and send out just about any format they can imagine. Panelists from inside and outside the broadcast center discuss how technologies, human resources and attitudes are changing under the pressure of change, and of the new challenges and opportunities they are encountering in the process. Moderator: Paul Scardino, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Globecomm Systems

  • Ovadia Cohen, Senior Director, Business Development, Harmonic Inc.
  • O'Brian McKinley, Director, Network Operations Center, PBS
  • Sidney Skjei, President, Skjei Telecom
  • George Tupy, Video Solution Manager, Cisco
2:40-4:30 PMTRACK

Finding the Distribution Model for Mobile Video
When it comes to mobile video, there are still a lot more questions than answers. Who will the technology players be, and how will they meet consumer demands? Will existing mobile networks be upgraded to carry the content or completely new distribution networks developed? Will distribution be unicast, broadcast or some combination of the two? Panelists from mobile, video and content distribution companies identify the trends and offer their forecasts. Moderator: Louis Zacharilla, Director of Development, Society of Satellite Professionals International

  • Tom DiMicelli, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Network
  • John Hane, Counsel, Communications Practice Group, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • Sean Sullivan, Media & Entertainment, Premier Accounts, Verizon Business
  • Kevin Wirick, Vice President, Marketing, Motorola, Inc.

Thursday, April 23

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10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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1:30 - 2:30 PM

Playout of best-attended Monday-Wednesday sessions.


General program information, registration and hotel information is available at

Watch the 2009 Panel Sessions Online
WTA provides live streaming from the Content Distribution Forum, courtesy of PSSI Global Services. The 2009 panel sessions will be available for 12 months following the 2009 NAB Show, courtesy of iStreamPlanet.

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