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The Content Distribution Forum at the NAB Show 2008
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Schedule of Panel Sessions and Presentations
Central Hall, Booth C7248

WTA and SSPI members are eligible for speaking opportunities on a series of Panels produced by the two associations. Each Panel will be lead by a volunteer moderator drawn from the membership of the two organizations. The Content Distribution Forum, located in the Central Hall at Booth C7248, provides a raised stage for speakers and panels, seating for 50 members of the audience, and an open-plan design that encourages passersby to sample its content and gain easy access to seating.

WTA provided live streaming from the Content Distribution Forum, courtesy of PSSI Global Services.

Monday, April 14

10:00-11:00 AMTRACK
IP Video

Who's Ahead? IPTV via Fiber, Cable and Satellite
IPTV is not about fiber or coaxial cable or satellite - it is a fundamentally new approach to television distribution with the potential to play across multiple media. This panel compares IPTV delivery via optical fiber, satellite and cable TV to see who's ahead and how big the opportunity really is. Moderated by Mary Frost, President, GlobeCast Americas.

  • Peter Cresse, Executive Vice President, Sales, Inlet Technologies
  • Jonathan Feldman, Globecomm
  • Jeremy Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Music Choice

Finding the Distribution Model for Mobile Video
When it comes to mobile video, there are far more questions than answers. Who will the technology players be, and how will they meet consumer demands? Will existing mobile networks be upgraded to carry the content or completely new distribution networks developed? Will distribution be unicast, broadcast or some combination of the two? Panelists from mobile, video and content distribution companies identify the trends and offer their forecasts. Moderated by Mike Antonovich, President, The SPACECONNECTION.

  • Colin Dixon, Practice Manager, Broadband Media, The Diffusion Group
  • Omar Javaid, Vice President, Business Development, QUALCOMM MediaFLO Technologies
  • Sesh Simha, Commercial Development Manager, SES Americom
  • Sean Sullivan, Media & Entertainment, Premier Accounts, Verizon Business
  • Chris Summey, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development, Digital Media, Ascent Media
  • John Zehr, Senior Vice President, Digital Production, ESPN

1:30-2:30 PMTRACK
Video Outside the Box

Digital Signage: Coming of Age or Still Waiting in the Wings?
Adoption of digital signage is accelerating but struggles continue over standards, technologies and applications. Panelists from the buy and sell side of the emerging digital signage market review the latest developments and predict future trends. Moderated by Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman, The Carmel Group.

  • David Bettinger, Chief Technology Officer, iDirect Technologies
  • Doug Braun, Vice President, Product Management, Spacenet, Inc.
  • Mike Cook, Senior Vice President, North America, Hughes Network Systems, LLC.
Into the Digital Home

But Is It Really HDTV?
Adoption of HDTV continues to accelerate - but is what reaches the viewer really HDTV? The biggest driver for big-screen sales continues to be watching DVDs. Experts disagree on HDTV and, behind the scenes, the infrastructure for digital HDTV delivery from the sports venue or broadcast center is a fragmented work in progress. This panel looks at the state of play in HDTV distribution and what it will take to create an end-to-end high-definition distribution system. Moderated by Robert Bell, Executive Director World Teleport Association (WTA) and Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI).

  • Mark Brown, Principal Consultant, Ascent Media
  • Steve Bunke, SES Americom
  • Jeremy Dujardin, Vice President Engineering, Genesis Networks
  • Tom Parish, Vice President, Broadcast Technology, Globecomm Systems
  • Dany Shahar, Director, Broadcast & Satellite Solutions, Scopus Networks

Tuesday, April 15

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10:00-11:00 AMTRACK

What's the Life Expectancy of SNG?
Broadband is advancing fast as a means to provide contribution video from the field and on the move, from satphones to BGAN to Slingbox. In this panel, broadcasters, SNG and DNG companies compare the technologies and delivery systems, and identify where each is making the greatest contribution today. Moderated by Dick Tauber, Vice President, Transmission Systems and New Technology, CNN News Group.

  • Arnie Christianson, Operations Manager, Satellites and Transmissions, CNN News Group
  • Mick Gardina, Senior Director, Business Development, iDirect Technologies
  • Ronald N. Rosenthal, Regional Vice President, North American Broadcast Solutions, Intelsat Corporation
  • James Schuster, President, Satellite Services, Crawford Communications
  • George Spohn, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Thrane & Thrane
  • John Stoltz, Director, Commercial Sales, Network Innovations
Video Outside the Box


The Money-Go-Round: From TV to Internet and Back Again
The exploding popularity of Internet television is beginning to up-end the traditional lifecycle of television content. While broadcast and cable content is repurposed for Internet streaming, Internet content is finding its way to the TV in the living room and Internet TV is creating a new means for programs to find an audience and move onto cable and DTH. Panelists outline the multiple technology revolutions taking place and offer examples of a business in transition. Moderated by Gary Hatch, Chief Executive Officer, ATCi.

  • Gerry Kaufhold, Principal Analyst, Converging Markets and Technologies, In-Stat, a Division of Reed Business Information - View Presentation
  • Lisa Morris, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, TVBLOB
  • Tom Ohanian, Chief Strategy Officer, Signiant, Inc.
  • Anthony Yi, VP Business Development, Narrowstep - View Presentation

1:30-2:30 PMTRACK
Inside the Digital Home

Unwiring the Rural Customer
After the abortive attempts of the Nineties, satellite is coming into its own as a distribution channel for broadband Internet, including Internet video, social networking and other highly interactive applications. Panelists outline the developments in the US (Wildblue, Hughes Spaceway) and Europe (Eutelsat) that are moving Internet distribution to the remotest corners of their continents. Moderated by David Bross, Chairman, ISCe and ISIS-NYC, Hannover Fairs USA.

  • Mike Cook, Senior Vice President, North America, Hughes Network Systems, LLC
  • Tom Moore, President of ViaSat-1 Venture, ViaSat Inc.
  • Scott Rau, Director of Western Region Sales, Newpoint Techologies
  • Ron Samuel, Chief Executive Officer, Eutelsat America
  • Jeff Scheiner, Director of Satellite & ATC Service, Mobile Satellite Ventures
  • Harry Thibedeau, Program Manager - MultiChannel Content Distribution Conference 2009, Hannover Fairs, USA, Inc.
IP Video

Mastering Video Overload in the Enterprise Space
As video becomes the new universal language of the Internet generation, organizations struggle to integrate it into the data-centric enterprise network, and to develop and deploy applications that offer meaningful payback without blowing their networks to smithereens. Panelists discuss options and present examples of successful implementation. Moderated by Louis Zacharilla, Director of Development, SSPI and WTA.

  • Peter Cresse, Executive Vice President, Sales, Inlet Technologies
  • Jerry Lenaz, Director Product Management, Uplit
  • Kamy Merithew, Vice President Marketing, WEGENER
  • Fred Morris, Vice President Strategic Alliances, Comtech EF Data

Wednesday, April 16

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10:00-11:00 AMTRACK
Video Outside the Box

Crisis Communications: Video and Data in War and Disaster
Video has become an essential component of managing crisis and potential crisis in peace and war, from border control to telemedicine and tele-training, and from pilotless aircraft to recovery from natural disasters. This panel explores the commercial opportunities and technical challenges in deploying technology and transmission networks for crisis communications. Moderated by David Codacovi, Vice President, Americom Government Services.

  • Sal Manno, Director, Army Programs, Inmarsat
  • Andrew Ruskowski, Vice President Sales, New Skies
  • Tim Shroyer, Chief Technology Officer, General Dynamics Satcom Techologies
  • Larry Taylor, Director, Business Development, ViaSat
Inside the Digital Home

Locking in the Triple Play: Satellite vs. Fiber and Cable
The triple play has become the package to beat inside the digital home. IPTV over fiber and traditional satellite TV are bringing the competitive battle to cable. Panelists describe how different providers are competing to create the stickiest service package, from DVR-equipped set-top boxes to 100 Mb streams over fiber-to-the-home. Moderated by Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association and Society of Satellite Professionals International.

  • Daniel Daines, General Manager, ViP TV, EchoStar
  • Tara Giunta, Partner, Paul Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP
  • Ron Samuel, Chief Executive Officer, Eutelsat America
  • M.N. Vyas, Managing Director, Essel Shyam Communication Limited

1:30-2:30 PMTRACK
IP Video

After the World Ends: TV Distribution after February 2009
Americans are waking up to the fact that analog TV goes black in less than a year from the 2008 NAB Show. But how prepared is the distribution system behind the TV screen? Experts in video distribution debate how the February 2009 shutdown of analog transmission will play out in the short and long term through the complex distribution chain for broadcast video and must-carry by cable and DTH players.Moderated by Dom Stasi, Chief Technology Officer, TVN Entertainment.

  • William Check, Senior Vice President, Science & Technology National Cable Television Association
  • Leslie Ellis, Technology Analyst, Translation Please (Ellis Edits, Inc.)
  • John McCoskey, Chief Technology Officer, PBS

Mobile Video Standards Wars
Like most new technologies, mobile video has experienced an explosion of competing standards, each with its own strengths, backed by different companies and nations. Expert panelists describe the major contenders in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and offer their insights on winners and losers. Moderated by Bruce Elbert, President, Application Technology, Inc.

  • Anthony J. Colucci, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Space Systems/Loral
  • Tim Farrar, President, Telecom, Media & Finance Associates, Inc.
  • Wejdi Harzallah, Vice President Commercial Operations, S2M
  • Tom Navasero, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, International Mobile Broadcasting Company Pte. Ltd.
  • Joost Verbrugge, Director Business Development, Next Generation TV, Newtec
  • David Zufall, Senior Vice President of Network Technology, ICO Global Communications

Thursday, April 17

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12:00 PM

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