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The New Realities Of Increased Network Traffic

Friday, July 10, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Anna Gomez
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the physical limitations of transponder size and rain fade in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

The Comtech EF Data High-Speed Link Bonding Solution

Networks have become more complicated. Operating at very high data rates requires that networking functions need to be distributed across multiple devices and those functions need to be tightly integrated to ensure high performance, reliability and a good QoE. The Comtech EF Data High-Speed Trunking Solution is comprised of:

• The CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking and Broadcast Modem – supporting more than 1.4 Gbps of user traffic with ACM to maximize transponder utilization in all conditions
• The HX Series WAN Optimization Load Balancer – providing the ability to combine up to 12 physical carriers into a single logical network connection while maintaining packet flow packet ordering
• The FX Series WAN Optimization – providing WAN optimization (WANOp) including TCP acceleration and DNS caching to provide high end user QoE

Integrated Feedback

Feedback of the modem ACM state to the load balancer and Traffic Shaper is critical in order to efficiently maximize the link fill rate in all conditions, especially on Ku- and Ka-band links where the link bandwidth can vary considerably. This link information is used by the HX Series load balancer to ensure that the links are loaded equally and by the FX Series WAN Optimizer to ensure that the QoS traffic shaping policies are applied accurately.

The link loading can vary significantly due to differences in long- and short-term traffic flows and variations in the compression rates of different traffic. The HX compensates for these factors by monitoring the individual carrier loading and redirecting traffic so that the carriers are equally loaded.

The FX Series’ shaping and queuing function prioritizes traffic using the QoS traffic type information carried in the packet header to ensure that the high priority traffic is protected even when the link is congested. When the FX Series appliance is connected to multiple modems through a HX load balancer, then the sum of the modem data rates is used to shape the overall traffic. The system uses Flow Aware Load Balancing to avoid packet re-ordering and minimize jitter. It also has the support of satellite links with different latencies and throughput capacities.

Transparent Universal Network Operation

Today’s telecom networks have to service a variety of users, so the networks need to operate with a mixture of traffic types including “plain old internet,” mobile network backhaul (LTE) and Layer 2/3 VPN private network traffic. It is important to do this without requiring manual configurations so the systems should provide universal network support in a plug and play fashion.

The Comtech EF Data solution provides fully transparent operation with Layer 2 and Layer 3 operation supporting Internet access, mobile network (LTE) backhaul, MPLS private networking (MPLS VPN), and QinQ VLANs.

Telco Grade

Reliability is always important. However, for high-speed links serving large numbers of end users, it is absolutely critical that the solution operate with telco grade resiliency. Comtech EF Data’s solution includes support for backup units and path redundancy, hot swap power supplies and fail to wire functionality.

Customer Case Study

Comtech EF Data had exactly this challenge with one of our customers. Telesat Canada needed to meet rising traffic needs of rural communities in far Northern Canada (see image above). The project needed to deliver 14 Gbps of capacity to 25 remote communities with speeds ranging from 80 Mbps up to 3 Gbps. The network would feed local DSL and 4G networks which required high bandwidth and optimized (TCP accelerated and performance optimized) broadband services. The services were to be provided using 3 beams on a Ka-band satellite.


Comtech’s solution is field-proven and has been successfully deployed with bonded links offering more than 3 Gbps of user traffic over Ka-band satellites. With the post crisis “new normal” world certain to include higher Internet traffic volumes, more and more operators will reach the limits of the existing satellite solutions.

Comtech EF Data’s integrated link bonding solution provides operators with an important tool to support increasing traffic efficiently while maintaining a high quality of experience.



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