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Profen Konya Teleport
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Last updated: 11/19/2018
Profen Konya Teleport
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Profen Konya Teleport
34384  Turkey
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+90 212 210 27 70 (Phone)
+90 212 210 27 73 (Fax)
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  Business Services, Engineering/Construction, Goverment/Public-Private, Technology Provider, Teleport Operator
  Profen Group

Profen is a global group company that provides products and services in six major markets; Satellite Communications, Defence, Government, Enterprise, Broadcast, Internet, with its in-house Research & Development. With its headquarters in Istanbul and branch offices in Ankara and the United Kingdom, Profen Group delivers innovative and high technology telecommunications solutions to customers worldwide.

Profen Communications

Established in 1995, Profen Communications is a global satellite communications company based in Istanbul, with offices in Ankara and the United Kingdom.

Profen Communications is among the leading solution providers in Turkey and in the world as a product distributor for market leading companies in the field of satellite communications. With a high level of experience in satellite communications, from geographically dispersed VSAT networks to satellite earth stations and data centre installation, Profen offers solutions and services with the infrastructure and expertise to design and install complex next generation network infrastructure solutions combined with microwave radio broadcast and fibre optic technologies.

Profen Konya Teleport

Profen Communications has made a pioneering investment by securing a Gateway Earth Station (GES) in Turkey.

With the incentive of government policies encouraging foreign satellite investment for the establishment of Gateway Earth Stations in Turkey, Avanti Communications and its solution partner Profen Communication Technologies collaborated in making the first Ka-band satellite operator venture.

Konya Teleport Investment Process and Setup

All infrastructure investment, including construction, installation and integration required for the establishment of the Gateway Earth Station was provided by Profen. After comprehensive studies ranging from site selection, design and geotechnical surveys, the project was completed and it entered into service in 2016.

Profen successfully brought together its national engineering experience and international partners to deliver a fully redundant variety of services with high availability for service providers and network operators. Profen has become one of the leading companies in the Turkish market, using next generation technology.

International Collaboration

Avanti Communications Group is an international British Ka-band satellite operator based in London, UK. Providing high-speed data communications services in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, including Turkey, the organisation also provides regional services with 3 satellites for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

Independent Ka-band Satellite Services

Profen is the major infrastructure partner of Avanti, the first international Ka-band satellite operator to make an investment in Turkey. The joint venture guarantees data security within Turkey, providing high-quality data connectivity for a captive government, enterprise and retail customer base. The gateway is owned and operated by Profen, in addition to retaining part ownership and operation of Hylas 2 capacity and services in Turkey.

Why Konya?

The following factors were considered during the site selection stage:
• Optimum location for Hylas 2 Satellite
• The best climate for satellite communications with bright sunshine and open skies during the summer months, dry and cold air in winter, and climate conditions that minimizes the need for cooling
• Having the least natural occurrences such as floods and earthquakes due to its location in the most geographically stable part of Turkey
• Flat geographical terrain that does not interfere with satellite communications
• Adjacent to the fibre optic infrastructure of national Telecom Operators providing high capacity data transmission
• Having stable energy infrastructure and alternative green energy supplies
• Very low electromagnetic noise and interference
• Excellent air, rail and road links from across Turkey and beyond
• Successful universities providing qualified human resources
• Stable and safe
• Variety of major domestic and international major hotel chains
• Being among the first 10 big cities in the centre of Anatolia

Structure of the Teleport

TIER-3 Classification

• Full redundant energy and cooling systems
• Redundant fibre optic access from two different National Operators and direct access to Satellite Data Service
• 24/7 On-site Technical Team
• 24/7 High Security Measures
• 99,997% SLA
• 72 hours endurance time with uninterruptible power supply and generators
• Air conditioning system with HVAC, VRV and light modifiers
• Rack systems that provide efficient cold aisle cooling
• Dual Fire Detection Systems including air sampling system
• Fully automatic water and gas fire extinguishing system encompassing the entire facility
• Monitoring and Control Systems that allow remote monitoring and control of the devices in the System Rooms and Building Automation
• Card access control system located in all areas of the facility
• Office space reserved for customer technical teams
• Large conference room facilities
• Rest area for staff and visitors

Main Site and Diverse Site

The Gateway Earth Station consists of 2 sites, main and diverse, 22 km apart from each other. A Gateway Earth Station hosting satellite antennas and a datacentre was built in both locations with dark fibre links connecting them. In the event of poor climate conditions, hardware/software failure or natural disasters, the system automatically switches to the diverse site. Thus, the quality of service and sustainability of the system are maintained.

The site was specifically chosen for its locality to fibre infrastructure and direct road access between both sites.

The diverse site covers an area of 7000 square metres and employs a minimum of 1+1 redundancy of critical infrastructure including Power (Noisy, Generator & UPS supplies), HVAC and fibre backhaul.

Professional Staff and Uninterrupted Service

The operation of Profen Gateway Earth Station is also executed by Profen, with Turkish personnel employed from the Konya area. The staff, consisting of engineers and technicians are specially trained to carry out preventative maintenance, repairs and returns of all Profen and some customer equipment. Both main and diverse site are monitored 24/7 to provide uninterrupted service by intervening immediately in case of failure.

By employing local staff from the Konya area, Profen is keen to demonstrate its commitment to the Konya region in high-tech industries and gain greater support and understanding from the local authorities. This commitment is evident with the high-level delegations that have visited the Profen facility. The support from the local authorities is key when expanding and developing the facilities. Profen is fully committed to providing a safe, efficient and productive environment to further increase the prestige of its team and the local area.

The staff employ a rotation system to ensure that all eventualities, including holidays, sickness and inclement weather are covered. An escalation process for key operational services is in place and all the staff follow strict documented procedures for all operations at the Gateway.

The Gateway Earth Station is directed by the General Manager from Profen HQ in Istanbul. A Site Operations Manager who is based in Konya provides the day to day management of the Main and Diverse Sites. The Operations team consists of two Engineers and two Technicians who carry out preventative and reactive maintenance to ensure continuity of service. Four MCR (Monitoring and Control Room) Technicians ensure all critical and non-critical services are monitored 24/7 and coordinate callouts for the Operations teams out-of-hours. Two support staff provide non-operational services, cleaning, catering and ground keeping and five security guards provide 24/7 security.

Next Generation KA-Band Technology Features

Technical Structure

In a mainly agricultural area of Konya, a teleport equipped with state-of-the-art technology was built by Profen and its project solution partner Avanti. Avanti's HYLAS 2 compliance provides high-quality connections for Broadband, Operator Services, Private Institutions and the Public Sector via the Gateway Earth Station.

High Speed and Capacity

The Hylas 2 satellites used by the Gateway Earth Station, cover the entire geography of Turkey with its 5 Ka-band spot beam. Each spot beam has a bandwidth of 230 MHz (uplink) and a bandwidth of 230 Mhz (downlink), providing a very high level of communication speed. This capacity provides a performance equivalent to 60 Ku '36 MHz' FSS transponders.

Performance, Technology and Safety

With its latest Ka-band satellite technology, the Gateway Earth Station Project offers broadband data communication infrastructure in a secure environment.

Satellite Performance

99,997% availability
Infrastructure independent Hub - Hughes, direct support of iDirect and NewTec
Visibility 40 ° W 105 ° E


Tier 3 data centre
Juniper's latest switch technology
Turkey's only "multi-faceted teleport" infrastructure


Domestic data and circulation
licensed and regulated by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority

24/7 security

Konya Teleport Service Areas

Individual Broadband Internet Access services:
• Service packages at 15/2 Mgbit level
• Variety of service options from quota services to unlimited services

Data Communications Service for Establishments and Operations
• Point-to-point closed circuit services
• Co-location / Cloud services
• MPLS services
• 3G, 3G + and 4G Mobile Networks Mobile Backhaul

Base station backup services
• Co-location / Cloud services

Public Institutions and Organizations
• Point-to-point closed circuit services
• Co-location / Cloud services
• Broadband internet services
• MPLS services

Values and Incentives

The establishment of a Gateway Earth Station in Turkey provides services to many areas across the country. The success of the first independent gateway earth station in Turkey demonstrates that Turkey is an attractive region for establishing Gateway Earth Stations by overseas satellite operators. The Konya Teleport has established itself as a key transit point for backhaul communications and data management. Since the initiatives in this area are supported by state policies and regional development boards, Profen has paved the way for all future technological investments and initiatives.

Most important values are listed below:

• First satellite service provider resulting from private funding
• Contributing to the data traffic in the region
• Encouraging foreign investors to come to Turkey
• Increasing the prestige of the region
• Enabling investment and local employment opportunities in the technology sector
• Reliable and good quality communication services with less cost and higher speed
•• Meeting the regulations of the Information Technologies and Communications Authority
• Enabling economic development in the information and communications sector of Konya
• municipality and regional development initiatives to attract high technology companies are in place

Envisaged Growth and Expansion

The Gateway Earth Station comprising of a 9m Ka-band antenna and 50 rack data centre covers 5.000m2 of the total 25.000m2 land brought in Konya. The remaining area is free to build a communication hub consisting of antennas with various sizes, data centres, equipment buildings, and containers.

As part of the continuing development of the facilities at Profen Konya Teleport, it is Profen's intention to construct a 500-rack two-storey datacentre for service providers, network operators and other Customers. The datacentre will form of an extension to the existing Main Site building. The construction of the datacentre will not impact the operation of the existing services and datacentre operation as the datacentre will be standalone with separate generators, UPS and HVAC redundant systems The current design is to provide redundant cold aisle containment systems independent of other Customer systems to allow independent monitoring, access and surveillance of own equipment either remotely and/or MCR.
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