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WTA Executive Dialogue Series @ CommunicAsia 2019
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WTA Executive Dialogue Series @ CommunicAsia 2019

6/18/2019 to 6/20/2019
When: June 18-20, 2019
Where: Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave
Contact: Randall Barney
+1 212-825-0218 Ext. 104

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Executive Dialogues @The CommunicAsia 2019
The World Teleport Association’s Executive Dialogue Series provides WTA members with opportunities to share their viewpoints, experience and technical knowledge with a global audience. During CommunicAsia 2019, WTA will conduct video interviews with executives of WTA member companies in the Distribution area of the show floor for playout on the WTA Web site.

WTA’s Director of Certification and Membership, Randall Barney, will be conducting interviews at your booth or on the show floor.

Interviews will be conducted June 18-20.

Industry Dialogue Themes 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Network Operations

Machine learning has moved from concept to a reality at a pace far greater than was predicted a decade ago.  Vendors of technology products and services are building agile, adaptive systems able to learn from network activity, predict change and take action to improve quality of service and reduce SLA violations. The result is a new form of competitive advantage. 

  • What can artificial intelligence add to satellite-terrestrial network operations, from installation and activation to monitoring and troubleshooting?
  • What are examples of specific capabilities provided by machine learning that were not available five years ago? 
  • How does this technology change network operations in terms of staffing, personnel skills and management visibility into operations?
  • What do teleports and other service providers need to be careful about in making purchase decisions?  Where are there pitfalls and unintended consequences?
New Antennas, New Opportunities

A new generation of flat panel antennas is entering commercial service, and manufacturers of more traditional antennas are responding with smaller, lighter and more nimble alternatives.  As with any new technology, they offer new advantages and disadvantages, and early adopters are exploring the trade-offs among form factor, power consumption and performance.

  • What developments are driving down the total cost of antennas and the RF chain on a per-megabit or MHz?   
  • What options are available to teleport and satellite operators for increasing the capabilities of their existing antennas so as to avoid more investment in precision-manufactured metal?
  • What is the current state of the art for flat-panel antennas and what’s the roadmap you expect their development to follow?
  • If flat panel antennas can hit the price points that experts predict are necessary for adoption, how big an impact will they have on the overall antenna market?  Do they eventually become the new standard across applications? 


Teleports and Big Data

The big data revolution is big news on the ground, but how will it impact the business of connecting the highway and the skyway?  NSR estimates that the biggest markets for big data via satellite will be in transportation, government/military and oil & gas – sectors where teleport operators are deeply embedded.  Devices and connectivity are key parts of the mix, but so are applications: formatted data streams and data analytics are the end-products that customers actually need.  Success in big data requires teleport operators to evolve beyond connectivity to management of complex networks, sophisticated information processing and a deep understanding of customer requirements.  We explore the opportunities and business challenges with teleport operators, satellite operators and big data companies already serving vital niches in the sector. 

  • Is the Big Data revolution having an impact on your business?  Please describe it.
  • How important have data analytics become to the internal operations of your business, compared with five years ago?
  • How important have data analytics become to your capabilities and services for customers, compared with five years ago?


LEO/MEO Constellations and the Teleport

The next 18 months are critical ones for the first attempt since Iridium to loft a large-scale constellation of low-earth-orbit satellites promising to transform global communications.  OneWeb is leader of the pack of LEO constellations seeking to deliver low-priced, low-latency connectivity everywhere and its success could have major market impacts for GEO satellite operators and teleport operators.  Already, LEO operators are in serious deal-making mode with operators of ground segment to provide the gateways they need to manage and provide access to their constellations.  At a moment when most of that impact is still to come, we seek answers from LEO constellations in development, GEO operators, teleport operators and the examples of Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya integration into the business model of teleport operators. 

  • What has been your experience at integrating existing LEO (L-band) and MEO satellite connectivity into your services to customers?
  • There has been much publicity about the coming LEO constellations but few facts yet.  How might the success of the first major LEO communications constellation change your business?
  • If LEO communications achieve commercial success, are there potential downsides for your existing business?  How will you respond to them?


Three Biggest Opportunities

The storage, digital management, network management and transmission business is changing fast to adapt to changing market demand and new opportunities.

  • What do you think are the three biggest opportunities of the next three years for service providers and technology companies?
  • What are the big risks that come with pursuit of those opportunities?
  • What are the characteristics of a business that is well-positioned to seize those opportunities?


Most Over-Hyped, Most Undervalued

Every wave of technology and market change brings a lot of hype, but also generates opportunities that go under-valued until an innovator finds a way to tap them.

  • What is the most over-hyped industry, technology development or market right now, in your view?  Why is it not going to live up to the hype?
  • What is the most undervalued opportunity in the market right now, either an existing one that is being ignored in favor of the hype or something created by change?


The New Teleport Startup

Teleport operators starting up today enter a very different market from the ones that today’s incumbent entered.  There are many more market niches.  Technologies have become more complex and specialized, and capital requirements have substantially changed.  What do teleport startups need to do today to be successful in terms of facilities and technology?  How is that different from a decade ago?

  • In what ways is starting a teleport business more challenging today than it was a decade ago?
  • In what ways is the startup easier, less labor or capital-intensive than it was a decade ago?
  • If you were starting a teleport business today, what market opportunities would you focus on?  Why?


Alternative General Questions


  • What products or services are you introducing and/or featuring during CommunicAsia 2019?
  • What are the unique challenges and opportunities in this region? 
  • How does your solution help meet these challenges and opportunities?
  • What are visitors talking about at this year’s show?



Videos will be streamed on the WTA website for a full year following the event and promoted to WTA members, teleport and satellite customers and the trade press.

Next Action

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Sponsorship of an Executive Dialogue Series Theme is available. Contact WTA Membership Director, Randall Barney,, +1 212-825-0218 ext 104

WTA Contacts

For questions or to schedule an interview, please contact WTA Membership Director Randall Barney at, +1 212-825-0218 ext 104

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